Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 10, 2007

Just for Starters.

Hello everyone! I am a stranger to computer communication, but I am going to try and make this weblog a joyful and equipping expereience not just for myself, but also for all of you. I hope to post things that will stimulate the mind and stir up the hearth for God. I am anxious to begin writing and providing you with tools and information as well as a glimpse into some of things that go on in my head. Feel free to comment within the confines of godly discourse and of course with reason. CheckĀ back soon, as I will post more formally and will have developed my page better as well. I plan to begin my posts explaining the theme of my page by elaborating on “Joy in the Journey” and then introducing the Sojourner mentality which dominates the Christian angle I take on life in a four part series from Hebrews 11:13-16. Thanks for visiting and I can’t wait to start dialoguing together soon. In Christ, Billy Marsh



  1. whoa! exciting Billy… i’m looking forward to read what you have to post. love ya…and you need to call me back so we can talk more about my rendevous to your side of the country. peaceout

  2. I am looking foward to it. Site looks good so far. Now hurry up and get something on here we can really talk about.

  3. Hey Billy,

    I’m looking forward to reading and discussing whatever comes up!

  4. Billy… that was probably my favorite series of yours because after you would teach it I could go listen to The Far Country and it would be even more powerful. Looking forward to it. Peace… oh hit me up when you want to get to the trails

  5. Just wanted to let you know you spelled my name wrong… RachEL :) I’m excited about your blog, though.

  6. My bad Rachel!

  7. Well this is a first for me also. I’m looking forward to your entries. I probably wont be the most faithful of your blogging buddies but I do pray for you that whatever you do is done for the glory of God and making much of Him. Speak the Truth Brother!

  8. By the way, the time stamp on this blog is messed up! It’s really just a little after 11:00 pm.

  9. Hey Billy sounds exciting

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