Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 19, 2007

Sojourner Introduction

The sermon that changed my life was most definitely John Piper’s message at the first Passion ‘One Day’ conference. I still remember very vividly sitting on mine and Eric’s sunken in love-seat that had the busted frame and was positioned only about 4 ft. from the 19 inch t.v. screen that we had to use a screwdriver to turn on the power. I had never liked Piper because he was the favorite preacher and author of all of the arrogant Calvinists that I knew at college which made him guilty by association. As a Calvinist I never understood the room for arrogance in a theological paradigm that was more heavily based upon grace than any other system I had come to know. Nonetheless, I bought the video to show some of the worship scenes and documentary to my youth group at Emmanuel Baptist Church in
Greenville, SC. I thought that I’d just take a glance at his message to see what he was really all about. Little did I know that I was about to have my world turned completely upside down. If you haven’t seen or heard that message, it is easy to find whether on his website (which I have as a link to in my blogroll column) or on the Passion ‘One Day’ DVD. 

Piper began the message simply by stating that in order to be great and live a great life for the Lord you don’t have to know a lot of things. You don’t have to be an expert in every area of life and theology to live a powerful and meaningful life for God. All you need to do is know one or two great truths (Scriptural) and let them dominate your life for sake of the gospel and the glory of God. During that sermon, he demonstrated the things and thoughts that have shaped his spiritual life and ministry. He also uses Gal 6:14 “Boasting only in the Cross” as an idea that the listeners could adopt to guide and direct their lives for greatness in the Lord. And so, through this blog I am attempting to do a similar thing. God has led me to a mindset/worldview which is the one great thing that has inspired and challenged me to live for the glory of God with all of my being. This one great thing is the Sojourner mentality as manifested in the Word of God. To me, it appears to be a prevailing disposition of God’s people which seems to transcend their temporary lives on earth empowering them for eternal greatness and to be used by God for his eternal glory. It is also a Christian worldview where God is the total center of attention. This mindset is intended to demonstrate that in the face of lions, being sawn in two, being stoned at the hands of a future apostle, and so on, Christians, like Stephen in Acts 7, have gone to the death with joy in their hearts after their life-long journey of bearing the cross of Christ having their gazes fixed upon and looking to Jesus, the founder and perfector of their death-defying faith (Heb 11:1-2, 6; 12:1-2). So, I hope to inspire, educate, equip, and encourage all of you to aspire to be dominated by God’s Word for his glory and your good as we all walk together in Christ, who is our joy in the journey. I will post again in the next 24 hours my first exposition of Hebrews 11:13. Please be encouraged to comment on anything that I write being open and honest. May we create a community of believers striving together to build up each other and the body of Christ.  



  1. How Delightful,

    I’ve discovered another SWBTS comrade who has been inextricably sucked into the blogosphere!

    I like this story; I’m glad you listened to that sermon; I will have to make “joy in the journey” one of my normal stops.

  2. Ched,
    I’ve been sucked in and didn’t realize how prominently the SWBTS crowd participated. At the time I created a blog, Bret was the only person I knew was on here. Yet again, I have shown how computer illiterate and ignorant that I am. Thanks for stoppin’ by, I’ll have to check out your page soon.

  3. Yet again, I have shown how computer illiterate and ignorant that I am.

    Rubbish, I think we both know that you’re a technological whizzbang.

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