Posted by: Billy Marsh | June 2, 2007

Summer (Lord willin’!) Reading List (Part I)

Now that I’m finished with Summer school (apart from a 2hr final exam and two research papers due in the next 3 to 4 weeks), I am ready to hit the ground running, devouring as much material as I possibly can without losing my friends, family, and marriage. Here is the first set of books that I hope to wade through in month of June and part of July. A few of these I have already started but had to put on hold for the past few months.

Biblical Hermeneutics and Theological Interpretation:


Introduction to Old Testament Theology: A Canoncial Approach ~ John H. Sailhamer

Apologetics and Christian Philosophy:


The God Who Is There ~ Francis Schaeffer

New Testament Studies:


The New Testament Documents: Are they reliable? ~ F. F. Bruce



Emerging Churches: Creating Christian community in postmodern cultures ~ Eddie Gibbs & Ryan K. Bolger



That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy, Part 3) ~ C. S. Lewis

Bathroom reading (is that too much information?):


The Battle for Middle-earth: Tolkien’s Divine Design in The Lord of the Rings ~ Fleming Rutledge


  1. I thought you were subjecting yourself to the torturous regime of a certain Hebrew professor?

  2. Nah, I found another less torturous Hebrew professor teaching turbo Hebrew in the Fall and decided to take it then.

  3. […] submitted two installments of my Summer reading regimen back back during the early and mid-summer (Summer Reading List I and List II), which were fairly successful resolutions. All in all, I probably read about 80% of […]

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