Posted by: Billy Marsh | July 4, 2007

New Page and Papers

I have been tinkering with my word processors for quite a while now and must say that I surrendered in trying to convert my word documents into pdf files. However, not surprisingly, Mr. Rogers (aka Bret “the computer whizzbang”) assisted me in aquiring the proper knowledge concerning how to rightly go about doing such a thing. For those of you who I reguarly send my papers for review, feedback, and sometimes proofreading, I will be periodically posting as many as I can on this weblog for quicker and more efficient access. As of right now, I only have a link to two under the heading “Theological Papers”. The first one is my recent study on the doctrine of Heaven (originally entitled ‘Heaven and Holiness’). The second one is the most recent of my papers which I wrote for “The Christian Home” class. This paper focuses on the covenantal aspect of biblical fathering as seen in Deuteronomy. Keep checking back and hopefully I will have more categories up with the majority of my papers available to you all. Thanks and enjoy!


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