Posted by: Billy Marsh | July 22, 2007

Summer Reading List (Part II)

I have finished most of the books from the first installment of my summer reading list which you can still find in my category titled “Beach Reading”. Now, I am trying to squeeze a few more books in before I start the 15hr semester that I have so tortuously prepared for myself. I doubt that I will have very much time for reading anything from my own preferences once classes start. So, here’s what I have endeavored to start and finish before Aug 23rd.

Theological Interpretation and Hermeneutics:

Is There a Meaning in this Text?

Is There a Meaning in this Text? ~ Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Preaching and Hermeneutics:


Preaching Christ in all of Scripture ~ Edmund P. Clowney

Literary Education:

How to Read a Book

How to Read a Book ~ Mortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren



The Pilgrim’s Progress ~ John Bunyan


  1. If you finish all these in a month, you da man!

    It took me four months to bludgeon my way through Vanhoozer’s text. Worth the bludgeon, but a bludgeon nonetheless.

  2. I’ve been reading it hardcore for about 2 weeks now and I’m just starting part 2. I’m lovin’ it though. Vanhoozer sure has a way with words doesn’t he?

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