Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 4, 2007

A Quick suggestion for Music Player in Sidebar

WordPress has a widget that allows you to upload various types of files and folders onto free internet storage space and then link it to your blog so that you can share it with others. My interest in this feature is obviously the ability to give you access into choice music. As of right now, I have made available four songs that best fit the atmosphere and theme of my blog. You must listen to Michael Card’s “Joy in the Journey” in order to gain a better hermeneutic for interpreting all that I say on this page. Likewise, Peterson’s “The Far Country” and even the Oscar-winning song “Into the West”-the final melodic note to the cinematic rendition of The Lord of the Rings which poetically takes listeners from the Grey Havens with Frodo, Gandalf, and the Elves onwards to the Undying Lands-will both aid your ability to further understand some of the musical standpoints of what I say and think. “Grace and Peace” is the first song on the album I recently reviewed and passionately endorsed by Fernando Ortega, The Shadow of Your Wings and it serves as my greeting to you.

So long as your computer and internet speed allows my page to completely load, if I were you, I would click the blue arrow box on the top right hand of the box and then click on ‘list view’. This view makes for a tidier and an easier access to the songs. I haven’t figured out just yet how to make the widget be in the ‘list view’ for default mode. In the meantime, you can personalize it on your own. I hope you enjoy the songs and that the Lord uses them to give you peace and joy during your day and possibly, night.

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