Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 8, 2007

Gospel as Spiritual Warfare (II)


I began writing the first part of this series on Friday. And, the Lord has providentially allowed me to post on this topic coincidingly with a renewed interest in the persecuted church among my friends as well as a fellowship meal on Sunday where a missionary family that has a relationship with our church was able to share, encourage, and inspire our community of believers. Truly, the gospel is the mighty battering ram by which God destroys strongholds and barriers in distant and even nearby lands where the evil one has attempted to keep sinful hearts blinded to and ignorant of God’s saving grace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, I received my monthly statement from VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) for contributing financially to their ministry, Bibles Unbound. Each month, the executive director, Tom White, sends with the statement a brief devotion and missions update. With my recent post from Rev 12:11 fresh upon my heart and mind, as I read his insert the fire was further fueled in my bones to view the gospel not just as a message for the lost, but also as ammunition to fight the enemy.

As I was dialoguing with a friend of mine the other day, God has always seen fit to surround me and my family with close personal missionary relationships for as long as I can remember. Missions has always held a special place in my heart. So, when testimonies like the one I quote below reach my ears and eyes, my heart is overwhelmed with joy to see the Lord fervently at work in even the hardest of places. Brothers and sisters, it is such a wondeful privilege and joy to be a part of God’s great redemptive plan that not only transcends time, but crosses borders over the full expanse of his good creation.

Mr. White reports for the month of August some of the words from a conversation he recently had with a Middle East contact:

Iraqi Christians are like a sponge. When we give them thousands of books, Bibles, or CDs, they soak it up and give it out. In a few days they have given it to others and are ready for more. . . . Thousands of Muslims in Egypt are coming to Christ. They declare it openly. . . . It is hard to face situations of hiding, arrest, working in the Middle East. Police jailed two of our Christian contacts in Jordan; they jailed two contacts in Egypt who were supposed to speak at our meeting. But, when we face the police, we do not depend upon our logic. We depend on Jesus, who helps us.

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