Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 15, 2007

Derek and Dever

If you haven’t been keeping up with Mark Dever’s new blog, Church Matters, on his 9marks website, then you should go and check out the latest few posts concerning Derek Webb and his recent intereview where he was asked to give a brief summation of the gospel. For those of you who are Christian music fans with good taste, then you have probably listened to and enjoyed at some point the music of Caedmon’s Call, who by the way met and started right here in Fort Worth, TX at TCU. Caedmon’s Call was immediately known for its musical quality, but even more so for its lyrical content. Since leaving the band, Webb has been linked with the Emergent Church and left wing politics. As of recently, he has reunited with Caedmon’s Call for their new album, Overdressed. I am anxious to hear how his theological persuasions affect their sound orthodoxy approach to songwriting.

Anyways, the bloggers at 9marks have had a few interesting discussions concerning Webb’s loose representation of the gospel kerygma and are now dialoguing on just what is essential or non-essential in a simple gospel presentation. I look forward to reading more. But, I must say, it is very encouraging to see a ministry as conservative as Dever’s 9marks engaging the culture, even its own Christian music culture. I would like to see more of the ministires that I respect and hold high actively engaging the Christian culture to help believers discern what John MacArthur labels “fool’s gold” and what is true treasure. Click on the banner below to visit and read the current posts on the Church Matters blog.

Church Matters

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