Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 23, 2007

Blogging, Scholarship, and Missions

I recently read a post that Justin Taylor listed on his blog, Between Two Worlds, that really encouraged me in my blogging efforts. I’m fairly new to the blogosphere and often feel like a fish out of water, seeing how I am not much on the internet anyway. I still have quite a bit of the ‘ol country boy in me; I’d rather be outside, but in the Lord’s providence, he’s created more time for me to blog since the mosquitos have waged war on Fort Worth this summer. However, it doesn’t take too many clicks outside of my own blog circle to realize just how insignificant “Joy in the Journey” really is in the grand scope of contributing bloggers via the web. Still, I have thoroughly enjoyed posting, and I know that the Lord is using it in mighty ways in your lives as well as in my own. It has been nothing but a blessing.

I heard many pros and cons concerning blogging since adding my own spin on this ministry; but the short quote from Greek and NT professor David Alan Black really confirmed in my heart and mind already how I felt about blogging for the glory of Christ and the good of his church. Taylor quoted Black stating:

Occasionally I’ll hear some slighting remarks about “all those blogs out there that are ruining the church.” I’m amazed that anyone could have such a negative attitude toward blogging or websites in this age of cybernetics. Let me put it this way: If I publish a book it may take 5 years for 10,000 people to read it. But if I publish an essay on my website it may take a week for the same number of people to read it. And these people live in India, Ukraine, Brazil, all over the world in fact. Get the picture? And all of this for only 10 measly bucks a month. The Internet is such an incredibly effective tool for publishing that I am shocked at how few are using it effectively (Emphasis added). My advice to you if you are a fledgling scholar is to start a blog, publish it regularly (constant updating and good content are the two keys to any successful blog), and watch what it will do for your writing skills as you begin that first book project. And if I can give you any advice along the way don’t hesistate to contact me. I am happy to “shepherd” my web audience as well.

Well, I can say without a doubt, Black truly shepherded and comforted me in his optimistic appraisal of blogging, regularly at that. I think that it is interesting how he makes the immediate connection to writing skills, book projects, sholarship, and even having material at the touch of a finger for our brothers and sisters around the globe. These are many of the same ends to which I viewed blogging a means to when I first considered creating one. Like he said, I desire to use this site effectively. I pray that if I ever get off base you all will rein me in fast.

I must say, that as I “fledgling scholar”, this blog has created an outlet for me for fleshing out my ideas and theology along with creating an awesome ministry opportunity which allows me to minister to any given number of people everyday, as opposed to once a week in a Sunday School class or Wednesday night small group.

I hope Black’s words are an encouragement to all the bloggers who visit my site and for those of you who don’t blog; start one!

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