Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 25, 2007

The Francis Schaeffer Book Club @ SWBTS

Schaeffer cartoon

Starting next Wednesday at noon on August 29th, The Francis Schaeffer Book Club (a.k.a. The Philosophy Club) will resume a new semester of what has become one of the main highlights of my week. Dr. David Bertch overseers the club and guides the discussions. He is a Professor of Humanities at The College at Southwestern. He has opened the gathering up to students from both the College and Seminary.  We already have a good mixture of College and Seminary students which makes for a great time of fellowship and disciplehsip. All are welcome!

The intention of the club is to educate and equip students with the ability to discern true truth (Schaeffer term) and to cultivate and put into action a Christian worldview. Last year we read two books out of Schaeffer’s famous trilogy, Escape from Reason and He is There and He is not Silent. In addition to these two classics, we read Donald Miller’s now widely-read book, Blue Like Jazz. It is the hope of Dr. Bertch and the group as a whole, to read men such as Schaeffer, and hopefully in the near future, C. S. Lewis, in response to the mood of the Church in contempoary times. These men were modern day prophets insofar as they predicted that the Chrisitian community would drift into currents which now are flowing rapidly, and either you are swimming with it or are making your way upstream. The club is geared towards equipping students with the theological, biblical, and philosophical tools necessary for being aware of the times and on how to answer them according to God’s Word with a Christian worldview. My pastor, Tim Presson, summed it up well in last week’s sermon when he said, “We are to be culturally aware, and scripturally informed.”

True Spirituality - Francis Schaeffer

This semester we are reading Schaeffer’s work entitled, True Spirituality. I am really excited about this work due to the fact that I have been eager for years to work out just exactly what is “Christian Spirituality” as opposed to simply being “spiritual”. This book is also a great follow up to Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, which was a critique on traditional “Christian Spirituality”.

Please come and join us! For Aug 29th, you should have read the “Introduction” and “Preface” to True Spirituality, armed with comments, questions and plenty of insights. We meet every Wednesday at 12noon in the room directly across from the Gold Card Office in the Naylor Student Center.


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