Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 29, 2007

Fall Reading List

I submitted two installments of my Summer reading regimen back during the early and mid-summer (Summer Reading List I and List II), which were fairly successful resolutions. All in all, I probably read about 80% of what I attempted to read word for word. I’m still working on wrapping up Kevin Vanhoozer’s Is There a Meaning in this Text?, which has become a very worthwhile endeavor. I tried to be very disciplined in my reading this summer by redeeming as much of my free time as I could by feeding my heart, mind, and soul with as much material as possible. God really had his hand, and still does of course, on everything that I read this summer. I’ve probably retained more and learned more collectively in this stint of consecutive, consistent reading than I ever have.

The only other time that rivals the “life-changingness” (I think I made that word up) of my recent summer reading is probably the year I took off from school in between College and Seminary waiting for Kim to graduate NGC. I packed away a lot of reading during that time such as Colson’s How Now Shall We Live?, Future Grace (and about 5 or 6 other Piper books), Well’s No Place For Truth, and Iain Murray’s Spurgeon vs. Hyper-Calvinism. That’s just to name a few. For a six month period during that time, I had a security job at a Golf-residential community in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was the new guy and worked all three shifts in a 5 day period. I worked one shift of 2pm-11pm. Two shifts of 9am-5pm back to back. And then I worked two shifts of 9pm-5am back to back where I had to sit in my truck at a gate all night long! It was crazy, but man did I do some reading. The Lord really used that time to do some serious molding on me theologically and practically. I have some neat stories I could tell, but I’ll save them for later at a more appropriate time. Anyway, I just went off the beaten path. The books I list outside of my leisurely reading are the ones that I have to read completely and offer some sort of report in response for a class assignment. So, here’s what I will be (projected) reading this fall for classes and for my own personal time:


 From Exegesis to Exposition/Robert Chishom Jr.

Expository Preaching:

Power in the Pulpit/Vines and ShaddoxBiblical Preaching/Haddon Robinson

Theological Method:

Doing Theology in Today’s World/Woodbridge & McComiskeyRetreiving the Tradition & Renewing Evangelicalism/D. H. Williams

Exegesis of James:

The Letter of James/PNTBrother of Jesus, Friend of God/Luke Timothy JohnsonJames/Richard Bauckham

Schaeffer Book Club:

True Spirituality - Francis Schaeffer

Personal Reading:

Heaven on Earth/Stephen NicholsFirst Theology/Kevin VanhoozerHim We Proclaim/Dennis JohnsonThe Pilgrim’s Progress/John Bunyan

Reading with Wife:

The Cross-Centered Life/C. J. Mahaney


  1. You’d better start reading about the Law and how you can impose on people. A good place to start would be the in the “hay stack” of James.

  2. It’s a law of liberty, didn’t you know that? That’s why I’m taking exegesis of James instead of exegesis of Romans.

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