Posted by: Billy Marsh | September 20, 2007

Christians and Secular Music

I know this is a little dated, but I just caught up on some of my blog reading.

About a week ago Carl Trueman wrote a post on the Reformation 21 blog devoted to the reuniting of the three remaining members of Led Zeppelin. Trueman was excited about this historic event and only said a few words about it. However, he later received some comments from the Christian community concerned that he even supported the group, much less worldly music at that. I am pleased to see that there are blog readers out there weighing what is being said, even by those as scholarly Trueman. I appreciate the mutual accountability. Trueman responds to the person’s question in 3 sections giving his view concerning Christians and their enjoying things of this earth which in themselves are not inherently sinful. I found this dialogue very insightful and beneficial. This is a subject that we as Christians need to be familiar with as the Church becomes more and more united with the culture, namely the American church. Click here to read the question pointed at Trueman and his careful response.

(Carl Trueman is professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary. He is a member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and is a consistent contributor to the Reformation 21 blog.)


  1. This is exactly why when I was saved about 26 years ago I through away many of the albums that I owned. The Lord laid this on my heart to do, I think partlly for my own protection but also for the children we were about to have. The albums that I kept stayed pretty much idle until you guys were in high school. I don’t believe that all secular music is inherently bad for Christians to listen to but we must be careful about the contents and how much importance we put on the music itself as well as movies, etc.

  2. Yeah, ya got to have some wisdom in what you choose to listen to if you’re going to listen to secular music. I mean, there’s a big difference between a Clapton blues album and a Marylin Manson album. Like you said, it could easily become a stumbling block for others and even for yourself. However, I think it’s wrong though to just write off all music that isn’t labeled Christian as evil; I mean, there’s some Christian music I’d like to write off as worldly. But that’s another story.

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