Posted by: Billy Marsh | September 25, 2007

Students As Good Churchmen

Each week as I am reading through my normal regimen of blog subscriptions, I try to pick out something unique to share with my readers that challenges and encourages the body. This week’s feature comes from none other than the official blog of the ESV Bible. Yes, the ESV hompage has its own blog, and I must say, they have some very intriguing articles at times. This one in particular moved me. Something that I have battled over the years serving in ministry while I was full-time student was the lack of loyalty and dependence churches were able to place upon students. The students were always the first to volunteer to chaperone a beach trip or supervise a pizza party, but when it came to the nitty-gritty labor of church life, they were no where to be found. For example, where I went to college, we had organized ministry teams that went out once a week into the local communities and churches to serve. I led a team for three years to help me on Wednesday nights at the church I youth pastored. However, there were many more teams that went out. One of the teams was a nursing home ministry that eventually the BSU office had to cancel due to lack of student volunteers. However, there was a plethora of students elbowing there way into a certain nearby first baptist church.

ESV Pew Bible

The ESV blog recognizes the students from Burton Memorial Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This church was able to purchase their much needed ESV pew bibles because of the financial support of the university student community in their church. In addition to the unique financial graciousness of these students, the pastor continues to applaud the students’ service in areas such as nursing home ministires, personal tutoring the youth in school subjects, discipleship, and even playing taxi driver.

One thing that I remember my pastor, Tim Presson, exhorting our group of Applied Ministry students last spring to was being good and reliable churchmen. For an example of this model, he gave us his memory of Dr. Curtis Vaughn, who was a professor here at SWBTS. He spoke of Dr. Vaughn as a true churchman who always served his church faithfully as well as the academia. I pray that we as ministry students will attempt our very best at demonstrating what church membership and service ought to look like. Click here to read the ESV tid-bit of this story or click here to visit Burton’s pastor’s blog to read the story in full.


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