Posted by: Billy Marsh | October 4, 2007

Mark Driscoll on the Emergent Village

On September 21-22, Dr. Danny Akin and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary hosted an event called, “Convergent“. This was a conference devoted to assessing the cultural trends in mainstream churches. The keynote speaker was none other than Mark Driscoll. Driscoll was without a doubt the right man for the job in this case. His entire ministerial experience has been completely connected to the very movements that he is now opposing. However, Driscoll remains constantly engaged with the culture, though with an orthodox foundation. In his main message at SEBTS, Driscoll spoke candidly about the individual groups and people associated with the Emergent Village. He carefully analyzes the theologies and ministeries of men such as Donald Miller, Doug Pagitt, Dan Kimball, Brian MacLaren, and Rob Bell. This is a message that I’ve been waiting to here for a while. Driscoll is very gracious in his assessment of these men, but is also brutally honest about the negative effect they are having on culture and the church, not to mention that many of them, for Driscoll, have crossed the “heresy” line.

For those of you who do not wish to leave your heads in the sand any longer with regards to what is going on in mainstream church movements, click here to visit SEBTS to download and listen to Driscoll’s sermon. Or, you can search iTunes and subscribe to the SEBTS podcast and download the message that way. I am very impressed with Dr. Akin and SEBTS for holding this conference. I’m glad that he is trying to step outside the box a little bit and open the seminary doors to see what God is doing through other churches that perhaps are not distinctly Southern Baptist. Please go and listen to Driscoll’s message. Yes, it’s a little long, but it is well worth the time spent.


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