Posted by: Billy Marsh | October 20, 2007

Rest by the River of God

I’ve been slowly reading through John Bunyan’s, The Pilgrim’s Progress this semester. However, due to my heavy workload, I only get a few pages along at a time. Still, as I was reading last night, I was refreshed as I looked on at Christian and Hopeful finding peace and rest by the river of God, or the river of life. Bunyan tells how they drank from its waters and ate from its trees and they remained there for several days. And then, he gives this short poem that I found very comforting for me especially, but also for us all who are in the number that identifies with Ched’s picture. In case you haven’t seen it, click here. You don’t have to be a seminary student to agree. Here’s the poem, I hope I’ve set enough context for you to benefit from this little tid-bit.

Behold ye how these crystal streams glide,
To comfort pilgrims by the highway-side.
The meadows green, besides their fragrant smell,
Yield dainties for them; and he that can tell
What pleasant fruit, yea, leaves, these trees do yield,
Will soon sell all, that he may buy this field.

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