Posted by: Billy Marsh | October 22, 2007

Andrew Peterson Launches New Websites!

In case you haven’t already caught on, I really want you all to expose yourselves to Andrew Peterson’s work as well as the outstanding circle of friends and cohorts of whom, altogther, form a phenomenal artistic Christian community. Just recently, Peterson has launched two new websites, one which was a remodeling job, and the other brand new.

First, Peterson has reworked and designed his personal website which features all of his tour dates, merchandise, writings, and news. I like the new vibe. The older one fit the atmosphere that his latest album, The Far Country sent out; however, Peterson seems to be ready for a fresh look and feel as he comes ever closer to the release of his newest album due out soon (hopefully) called, Resurrection Letters. For constant updates on the state of the record and for some good ‘ol mindless fun, visit Peterson’s blog which is devoted to tracking the making of this album.


Second, Peterson’s brand new website is one that I am really excited about. It is curiously called, The Rabbit Room. This site is a gathering place of a community of Christian artists from all different backgrounds such as authors, songwriters, painters, pastors, and so forth. Here, they post on art and also recommend different books, albums, works of art, and other cultural issues related to the Christian life. The name of the website is taken from the name of the room where the “Inklings” once met to discuss books and such. In case you’re out of the loop, the “Inklings” are none other than C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and others. These men met in a pub, in a room called “The Rabbit Room” and this is where who knows how many stories, thoughts, and theologies were discussed which have now so greatly impacted the world. Click here to read Peterson’s article on how he came to the idea of initiating this forum.

I am very impressed with Peterson’s efforts to use his gifts and passions to impact the kingdom. He is also doing a tremendous job of utilizing the internet in creating many different avenues for which he can sustain a faithful audience and living without having to submit to the major record labels. Check out his redesigned website and The Rabbit Room. I hope that these will become greatly beneficial and dear to you in aiding you in your moment-by-moment journey with Jesus Christ.


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