Posted by: Billy Marsh | October 24, 2007

iTunes University

How would you like your weekly course

schedule to look like this?

Tues/Thurs: 8am-History & Theology of the Puritans – J. I. Packer; 9:25am-Hebrews thru Revelation – Simon J. Kistemaker

Wed/Fri: 8am-Christ-Centered Preaching – Bryan Chapell; 9:25am-Apologetics & Outreach – Jerram Barrs; 1:00pm- New Perspective on Paul Lectures – D. A. Carson

Well, I know that’s a stacked load, but it’s well worth it to say the least. And, I’ve found a way to make it happen. You all may have been totally aware of this, but as usual, I’m always playing ‘catch-up’ in order to be internet savvy. I found on iTunes a new feature they have called iTunes U.

By clicking on iTunes U on your iTunes homepage (in the left sidebar), you will be exposed to a world of information and education just a mouse-click away. I began searching for some of the schools that I would recognize, and I found complete course offerings from Reformed Theological Seminary, Covenant Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary California, and others.

By subscribing to lectures offered by each of these schools, you can take apologetics with John Frame, puritan theology with J. I. Packer, NT with Simon Kistemaker, and even a course on C. S. Lewis provided by RTS.

In addition to RTS’s course on Lewis, I also found another podcast on C. S. Lewis from that features a variety of sermons from men such as Dr. Leland Ryken on particular aspects of Lewis’ theology, writings, and life.

Notwithstanding the semester long courses, there are also a number of different schools who make available their chapel sermons in podcast form. As of right now here are the ones that I’m subscribed to: Westminster Theological Seminary California, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and RTS Orlando Chapel. This past week, I  listened to John Piper’s chapel message at SBTS, Timothy George’s chapel message on Martin Luther from SEBTS, and Dennis Johnson’s chapel message from a series in 1 Kings at WTSC.

This is priceless. In reality, you could be a subscriber to all of these and more for free, and receive a very scholarly, capable, and respectable theological education as if you were attending the school. The only down-side is that you don’t get to walk. But hey, it’s free! Downloading iTunes for free and subscribing to these for free could really be a major opportunity for you to make the most of down-time, traveling, and supplemental training. I would encourage all of you to take advantage of this incredible blessing and further equip yourselves for the kingdom’s sake when time allows.



  1. This is great, Thanks for the info. Hey I noticed you went to North Greenville University. My son is in his first year of study there. He really likes it.

  2. Joe, yeah, I loved North Greenville. It really is a great and solid school. It is rapidly growing too. I still have friends there and also keep up with some of my old professors. I met my wife there too. The Christian Studies program is excellent and has really prepared me for Seminary. If your son has any questions about NGU, don’t be afraid to ask. You can send me an email thru the tab “Contact Billy”. Hope you check out iTunes U!

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