Posted by: Billy Marsh | November 6, 2007

SEBTS and C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis

It seems that everywhere I look, I am reading C. S. Lewis’ name whether it is in a book, article, or on the internet. The scope of this man’s ministry is phenomenal. I read quotes from him in everything from critical commentaries on books of the Bible to emergent church literature. Though I don’t go to Lewis for all of my theology, I cannot deny that the man had an uncanny ability to articulate theology and understand people. He introduces himself in the beginnings of Mere Christianity as a “laymen.” One can’t help but chuckle when reading such a humble assessment, especially in the introduction to a book which is probably second only to the Bible for most Christians. If he’s a layman, then I’m definitely “the least of the apostles” in the spirit of the Apostle Paul.

To my own disadvantage, I have not read as much Lewis as I would like to claim, but what I have read most assuredly lives up to the high expectations I had for him. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary recently held a conference on October 26-27 in honor of Lewis called, “C. S. Lewis: The Man and His Work, a 21st Century Legacy.” One of the professors in The College at Southwestern that I grade for, Dr. Harvey Solganick, presented one of the 40 papers delivered during the weekend.

All I’m wanting to do through this post is to connect you to the Baptist Press article recounting the conference. It is very interesting and encouraging to see a Southern Baptist seminary endorsing a man who is often questioned on whether or not he was even an evangelical. Check out the article  see what you think. I’m hearing rumors that we may be starting a Lewis book club next semester. I’ll let you know more as these ideas begin to materialize over the next few months. How has Lewis’ ministry impacted your Christianity and what book of his is most dear to you, fiction or non-fiction?

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