Posted by: Billy Marsh | November 10, 2007

The Christian Imagination

Despite whether or not you agree with N. T. Wright’s recent work on Pauline theology, he is still a superb scholar, writer, and thinker. Though I haven’t read any of his primary sources from cover to cover, I am familiar with much of his work, yet my grasp of it is still second-rate. However, I listened to another outstanding lecture from Seattle Pacific University’s iTunes University archives that was delivered by Wright. The message was entitled, “The Bible and the Christian Imagination.”

If you’ve ever wondered about how things such as beauty, art, nature, and the imagination relate to biblical Christianity, then you must absolutely download this talk and listen to it immediately. I was blown away by his presentation and just how passionate he was concerning these cultural topics. Wright drives home the great necessity for Christians to exercise their imaginations in order to bring Christ into every facet of life.

For those of you out there who sometimes feel left out because you’re not called to Seminary or do not feel led to enter vocational ministry, this message is more so for you all. Wright, at one point, almost had me convinced to become a Christian architect. You’ll see what I mean if you listen to the message.

As in the previous post on the resources I listed concerning the Christian mind, Click here to go to SPU’s iTunes webpage or click here to download iTunes (don’t worry, it’s free), and then you can search the iTunes store for either SPU’s homepage or search under the title of the lecture or under Wright’s name. I hope that the Lord speaks to you all through this talk in a new and enlightening way since it seems that many of us have lost a lot of the wonder and imagination entailed in being a Christian, not to mention being made in the image of God, and all we view the world through is a black and white lens (or, if you’re Bret Rogers, gray and white).


  1. Thanks for the link. There are some really great lectures on SPU’s page.

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