Posted by: Billy Marsh | November 13, 2007

“Send Out Your Light And Your Truth”

Send the Word to brothers like this man.

Back in August, I expressed in a brief post my plea for as many of you who were able, to join with Kim and I in sending out New Testaments to our brothers and sisters in the Lord who are located in hostile enviornments. Most of the recepients of these NTs are underground church members, and ultimately, there is no guarantee that God’s Word won’t be intercepted before they make it into the hands of the ones to whom the envelopes are addressed. However, being able to aid our faithful Christian brothers and sisters in Christ who are in persecuted areas, shut off from access to any Christian literature whatsoever, is an amazing opportunity to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations and to be an encouragement to them.

This past Sunday (Nov 11th) was the official International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Our church, Redeemer Church, structured the entire morning worship service around this emphasis. In addition, we had a visiting Voice of the Martyrs representative share in the place of our pastor, Tim Presson. His name was Matt Rose. I will not in any way try to reduplicate the inspiring and moving presentation which he delivered that morning, but I only mention it to say that, at the close of his talk he plugged the Bibles Unbound ministry. So, I only offer my voice in total agreement and support of this incredible ministry opportunity.

Matt said during his presentation that for every 1 Bible that is sent to the persecuted church, there is an estimation of 5 people who in turn come to salvation in Christ. Though I am fully aware of the fact that statistics are not absolutes, this one in particular was of great encouragement to me, and it furthered my ambition to continue sending God’s Word out each month.

Today’s “Psalm of the Day” in my sidebar says, “Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to your dwelling (Ps 43:3)!” Throughout the Scriptures, both light and truth have been used to describe God’s Word (Ps 119:105; Jas 1:18). May we be instruments that he uses to send forth the light and the truth of his gospel so that the Great Shepherd of the sheep will lead more of the lost flock into his eternal pasture where they may dwell with him on his holy hill forever. In Ps 43:4, the psalmist continues, “Then I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy, and I will praise you with the lyre, O God, my God.” Please pray and consider contributing to this sub-ministry of VOM. You can do it for as low as $30 a month. Now, listen to a brief testimony from Tom White, president of VOM concerning Bibles Unbound:

Dear Friend,
In case you haven’t visited [the Bibles Unbound website] in recent days, I wanted to let you know about an exciting milestone. Faithful Bibles Unbound donors have now committed to mail more than 25,000 New Testaments EACH MONTH! That means 25,000 times each month God’s Word is being sent into restricted nations like China and Indonesia. More than 25,000 times each month someone in a hostile country has the chance to read of Jesus’ love!
For those in bonds,
Tom White

Bibles Unbound


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  2. house 7 ada. Rd
    BOX 0010862
    DearBrethren in the lord
    , A brother called brother daniel okon gave your e-mail address to us that you can be of help of 160 bibles to us for our spiritual growth, I, am Very Happy to E-mail you this day which the lord has made ps, 118-24, I am a pure muslim and also a student. so one day someone gave to me a wonderful biblical leaflet and i recieved it from him, so on a very cool evening i started reading this leaflet, after reading this leaflet four times i was sincerly touched and i realized that am a lost sinner living in darkness and i need jesus in my life so that i can be saved and gain enternal life, then i went down on my kneels and prayed to God that he should save me, dear brethren in the lord right now i am convinced and converted to a living church where the true word of God is been preached, brethren, sincerly now i can now see the true light of the world which is jesus the messiah the savior of the world, i have accepted him as my only lord and savior, brethren i can now see a great change in my life and also in my family, i have been baptized and my new name is now john (praise the lord), dear brethren i did not keep these testimonies whithin myself but i passed it unto other muslim brothers sisters friends and relatives by telling them about the saving grace of God and his goodness and that jesus is the way the truth and life there is no any other way a man can be saved, brethen to God be the glory about 159 brothers and sisters are now conviced became born again and has recieved jesus christ as thier only lord and savior, time cannot permit me i could have numbered the names of all the brothers and sisters but please do pray for us, and we also want to request 160 BIBLES from you becuase we all dont have BIBLES to read Gods word , the bible says that thy word have i hid in mine heart that i might not sin against you brother we all need you good help for 160 bibles, dear brethren please and please for christ jesus sake kindly send to 160 of us, 160 ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY COMPLETE HOLY BIBLES THAT CONTAIN THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT AND OTHER GOOD CHRISTIAN LITRATURES, may the lord bless and uphold you all in jesus name, we look forward to here from you in the soonest of time, here goes our adddress no
    house 7 ada. Rd. G P O BOX 0010862
    thanks and God bless you all

    yours all in christ
    bro J, obin & friends

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