Posted by: Billy Marsh | November 18, 2007

The Anti-Narnia?

The Golden CompassWhere does one get the ego to make such a claim? Apparently, Phillip Pullman feels comfortable enough to contruct an apologetic-fiction work in response to C. S. Lewis’ masterpiece. Pullman is the author of the trilogy, His Dark Materials, from which the first installment of the series, The Golden Compass, will hit the big screen this Christmas. As of late, I’ve been picking up tid-bits of warnings here and there from within Christian circles with respect to the upcoming fantasy trilogy which “New Line” cinema is marketing as their follow-up Christmas blockbuster franchise since they finished off The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But, let’s just be real here, they mine as well close up shop, turn-off the lights, lock the doors, and go home if they’re going to try and deliver the same type of movie-going experience as they did with Peter Jackson’s movies, and even more so, with J. R. R. Tolkien’s life’s work. Like Viggo Mortenson said so well in one of the behind-the-scenes interviews, there will never be another movie like The Lord of the Rings simply because there isn’t another story like it.

Anyways, enough with that rabbit-trail. Christians are on their guard right now as the movie picks up in its publicity. Pullman has constructed a fantasical-atheistic world where the Church is the enemy and God dies. Wow, that feels weird even typing it. In a recent article that I read on Baptist Press, I was amazed at just how blatantly antagonistic Pullman is towards C. S. Lewis, Christianity, and God. The article reports that Pullman feels contempt for Lewis’ fictional works and calls them “propaganda in the service of life-hating ideology.” Pullman has intentionally sought to write an atheistic, children’s story where religious ideas do not form the basis of the world (as if his story will be completely unbiased from his religiosity even if his religion contains no god). Later in the article, he is quoted as saying, “My books are about killing God.”

The timing of the adaptation of his books into movie form does not seem to be mere pop-culture coincidence. As our culture grows more and more atheistic and anti-Christian, I suspect that movies as such, which just happen to be children stories, are just a foretaste of what is to come. I’m not here to bash Pullman because I haven’t read his work nor am I familiar with him or the movies. Most of what I have written, I only found out just recently. But, Christmas is coming fast and so will the movie, so don’t be ignorant. I’m more concerned with Christians being ready to defend their faith in the wake of a movie which will raise many questions and concerns, probably in the form of disdain and antagonism, than I am with persuading you all not to see the movies.

There is much more eye-opening information concerning these movies presented in the Baptist Press’ article. Please click here and read it for yourself.



  1. Billy,

    What I have found to be a very keen observation concerning Pullman’s work is that he himself has a false understanding of who the triune God truly is. His understanding is Christ-less. Therefore, the god he sets up in his work to kill is really not the Christian god at all. He thus “shoots himself in the foot”, so to speak. In this debate, Christians must keep in mind that as they write against Pullman’s work, they must present God accurately in their own argumentation, and not simply buy in to Pullman’s false representation of God.

    Love you man,


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