Posted by: Billy Marsh | December 14, 2007

All ESV Bibles 45% Off!

ESV LogoWestminster Bookstore (Westminster Theological Seminary) has announced that they are reducing their prices for all ESV Bibles including the highly acclaimed Reformation Study Bible (which I own and can testify to its immense value) by 45%.  If you’re unfamiliar with this relatively new English translation, then you should avail yourself of this opportunity to check one out. The ESV (English Standard Version) is one of the newest English translations of the Bible which seeks to be “word-for-word” instead of a paraphrase of the original languages (dynamic equivalence). I have carried at some point in time just about every different major translation, and I can say with full confidence that the ESV has been the most satisfying of them all, especially since I have learned Greek and Hebrew.

Although no translation is perfect and always involves some level of interpretation, the ESV seems to be very consistent in its faithfulness in mirroring the original languages in terms of definitions, semantic range, and even word order. In addition, without delving into the “gender” issue which has so characterized the livelihood of the TNIV, the ESV still manages to capture the essence of contemporary vernacular while maintaing biblical fidelity.

Visit ESV’s website to learn more about it as well as to listen to personal testimonies of its quality and benefits. Also, the WTS blog has a link to Vern Poythress’ (professor at WTS) endorsement of it as well. (I believe the ESV’s “TruTone” series of designs for the Thinlines and compact Bibles to be some of the best artwork I’ve seen for Bible covers.) I hope this post finds you with some money in hand even though it’s Christmast season to take advantage of this great sale!


  1. AWESOME find!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The ESV is a sloppy, rushed to market translation if you want a true word for word translation then read the NAS version.

    • YOUR opinion. The very BEST version is the version a person will READ. There’s enough correct in ANY version (by God’s Divine Protective Providence) to lead a person to salvation.

      An unread Bible (by any version) is useless.

  3. Mabel,
    Sounds like someone has a vendetta against the ESV. Well, of course, I would disagree with your comments; but as I did in the post, I do admit that no one translation is perfect. The NAS is too wooden for me, but I don’t dislike it and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to others. I think “sloppy” is an unreasonable opinion of the ESV. There are too many major professors and pastors that are using it and endorsing it for it to be that inadequate. In addition, I’ve used the ESV in both my Greek and Hebrew studies, and I’ve had no problem with the consistency of the “word-for-word” capabilities of the ESV. It seems that the only time it fails to parallel the original language, is when it does so for euphony. However, I was not looking for a debate on which translation was better. I was simply making known an outstanding sales offer at WTS and would do the same if they placed their NASB Bibles on sale too. But thanks for you comments. In Christ, Billy

  4. Billy, you’re always stirring up controversy. Everybody knows the KJV family is inspired. You might say its the modern day LXX. But I do appreciate a good deal. Now you can buy one for your mentor Dr. Solganick for Christmas because he was not a scrooge and provided you with bread for your family Christmas. “God bless us, everyone!”

  5. i want to purchase a ESV study bible. I am from India and would like to know how can I get one.

    William Joseph

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