Posted by: Billy Marsh | December 22, 2007

Home For Christmas

Well, Kim and I are back in the Carolinas for Christmas! We made it safe and sound after a grueling drive across country in our little ol’ dependable Nissan Maxima. We’ve teased at the idea to drive straight through everytime we made the trip back home from Fort Worth, but always chickened and tired out after the first day of driving. However, this year, we got a late start on Wednesday, and didn’t begin driving until around 3pm. So, I just decided to try drive until I got too tired to go on and then would book a hotel room. Around 9pm, Kim and I were past Little Rock, Arkansas and knew that if we stopped east of Memphis that we would have another long day of traveling on Thursday. We were both tired, and Kim was sick, and I was ready to get it over with. So, we both agreed to be hardcore and drive all night long.

Kim has not been well since Monday, and we even had to take her to the doctor early Wednesday morning. But, I cannot even begin to describe just how strong and enduring my wife is. She was ready to press on! I cleaned out the back seat enough so that she could lay down and sleep, and I drove until about 1am. I started getting heavy-eyed, and then she offered to drive some. I took about a 2 hour nap and switched back with her some time around 2:45am right before we made our way into Nashville, Tenn. Then, I pretty much brought us the rest of the way home. We arrived in Waynesville, NC, in the heart of the Smoky Mountains at my Mom and Dad’s home, sometime around 8am (eastern time). I think altogether it took us about 16 hrs. I thank God for incredible safety, keeping me awake and energized, a wonderful and tough wife, and an iPod full of some great driving music.

Needless to say, I saw the sun go down and come back up all in one trip. It got pitch black dark near Texarkana, TX around 5:45pm, and then at about 7am (eastern time), I watched the sun rise up over the fog-filled Smoky Mountains as I drove through a winding gorge at 60 mph weaving in and out of a never-ending stream of tractor trailers. Though the early sunset was somewhat discouraging since it made the time feel later than it really was, the sunrise was majestic and reminded how much I love the mountains, especially during the winter time.

Kim and I have already been refreshed from our trip as well as the last few hectic weeks of work and school. I know everyone has been working hard too, but it just feels like Kim and I have been extremely busy and spread way too thin. I’ve found myself kindof twiddling my thumbs because I’m not used to just relaxing, but it doesn’t take me long to adjust my mindset so that I can simply enjoy my family and my freetime. Thanks to all of you who prayed for us as we traveled. God was faithful and gave us a blessed trip. Be in prayer for Kim as she has had some type of infection which has caused her to have some serious swelling. The doctor has given her medicene to take, and thankfully, the swelling has started to decrease. But, she would be having a much better time if it was completely gone. 

We travel to Kim’s parents’ house in Wagener, SC on Christmas morning and will stay there until we make our return trip to Texas. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful Christmas, and are taking a chance to reacquaint yourselves with the Savior, the Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world. May all our hopes be placed in the salvation and coming of the Word made flesh, the Incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ in whom God has blessed his people with every heavenly blessing.

In Christ, Billy

(P.S. Click here to check out a funny little cartoon comic strip that combines Christmas with The Lord of the Rings. Credit goes out to Timothy Walker, a friend from our church, Redeemer, in TX. He sent it to me via email, but I thought that you all might like to see it too.) 



  1. Nice.

    Ya’ll are the roadtrip champions.

    I hope ya’ll have a good trip, and Kim gets to feeling better.


  2. Hey, the Foxtrot website was updated.
    Here is a link to the LOTR comic strip:

    God Bless ya’ll.


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