Posted by: Billy Marsh | January 4, 2008

2007: The Loss of Theologians and Pioneers

Bruce Metzger Brevard Childs T. F. Torrance

Click here to visit The Scriptorium (a website/blog with various contributors including J. P. Moreland who engage issues such as culture, art, philosophy, and theology) where Fred Sanders has chronciled the theologians who passed away in 2007. He provides their names, dates, and a brief sketch of their influence if you are unfamiliar with some of them.

2007 saw the departure of many of the theological giants of the 20th century, and Christian history at that. Can anyone imagine where New Testament studies would be without the immense labors of Bruce Metzger? Any student of the Bible owes him a great debt. With my current interest in biblical theology and a canonical approach to studying the Scriptures, Brevard Childs’ influence is so broad and encompassing that its hard to read any book associated with either of these areas and not see his name and works cited over and over again.

These men and women were not just sound theologians, they were pioneers. Many of them trailblazed new currents in doctrinal and biblical studies that are no longer known as the roads less traveled. Instead, the paths they cleared are now worn and see much traffic these days, which is a most encouraging thing. May we honor them and have the mindset of the Apostle Paul reflected in his words to the Philippians, “I thank my God in all my rememberance of you (Ph 1:3).”


  1. Billy, wow, I went to The Scriptorium and recognized every name. Are there any theologians left?

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