Posted by: Billy Marsh | January 8, 2008

Snapshots From Our Christmas In The Carolinas

Uncle Billy and nephew Eli

This is me holding Eli, the youngest of my two nephews. His mother is on the right, Kim’s older sister, Candi.

Gabe and Eli Smith

Mine and Kim’s two nephews, Gabe and Eli. Gabe is the one driving the John Deere, mischeviously hauling his brother Eli to some unknown destination.

Kim, Keri, and Trace

Here is Kim with her sister and twin, Keri, along with Keri’s boyfriend Trace.

Dawn and Eric

This is my younger sister, Dawn, and her fiancee Eric Smith. I will be marrying them on March 1, 2008!

The New Marsh Family

Left to Right: Eric, Dawn, Phil (my Dad), Gloria (my Mom), Jack the Dog, Kim, and Me.

Jack the Dog

This is Jack the Dog. He is my replacement at home. He’s my mother’s new beloved son. Sometimes, I feel that if I was treated like him, I would have never left home.

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