Posted by: Billy Marsh | January 16, 2008

C. S. Lewis and Sproul’s Tabletalk

C. S. Lewis

R. C. Sproul has dedicated the entire edition of Tabletalk for the whole month of January 2008 to C. S. Lewis. The devotional magazine, put out by Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries, includes many essays on varying aspects of Lewis, the man and his theology. I’ve not yet had the chance to read any of them; I’ve only browsed through the pages and am very happy with what I’ve seen. I look forward to reading what other great men and theologians of our time such as Sproul, Sinclair Ferguson, and Leland Ryken have to say about Lewis.

Over at the Monergism website, they have this issue of Tabletalk available for free download. Yes, the entire edition (all 84 pgs)! It is downloadable in pdf format and is exactly the same thing you would get in the mail, except for the fact that your copy hasn’t been printed and stapled together. Click here to go directly to the website to download the free offer.  

(P.S. If you are unfamiliar with Tabletalk magazine, click here to read more about it and its format, content, and purpose.)


  1. Dear Billy, my avid reading partner, its Sinclair F-e-r-g-u-s-o-n, not Fergesun. :-)


  2. What’s funny about your correction is that I actually thought that I was misspelling his last name, so I looked it up, but didn’t catch the “e” or the “u” and still ended up misspelling it. But still, I doubt Sinclair spells his last name with all of those hyphens in it. Thanks for the heads up Superman (wannabe).

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