Posted by: Billy Marsh | February 7, 2008

Prisoner Alert: Li Mei

Li MeiAs most of you know, Kim and I contribute to the Voice of the Martyrs ministry in two main ways. The first is the BiblesUnbound ministry where we aid VOM in smuggling Bibles to underground Christians. The second is through their Prisoner Alert ministry. Periodically, I receive emails from VOM that request us to help spread the word about the reality of the persecuted church and Christian prisoners all over this world. On Prisoner Alert’s website, you are able to view the profiles of numerous incarcerated brothers and sisters in Christ so that you may be able to intercede on their behalf more intelligently as well as write them a personal letter in their own language.

Today’s featured prisoner is Li Mei. I know the picture is hard to make out, but that is the only one that VOM had to offer. She is 42 yrs old, and in 2007 she was captured along with 9 other house church leaders because they were discovered having Christian worship services and showing the Jesus Film. She spent the first part of her sentence in a hospital handcuffed to the bed. Those imprisoning her continued to beat her and torture her to the point that she was forced to have a hysterectomy. She is currently in prison in China and needs your prayers.

VOM China Map

Would you consider writing her a letter through the Prisoner Alert online resource? The only things you have to pay for are the envelope and postage. A very small price to pay, I might add too, for sending a fellow believer a priceless letter of love and encouragement. This is an invaluable ministry and an incredible opportunity for us in the States to be more hands-on in serving the family of God abroad. I hope you will.

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