Posted by: Billy Marsh | February 11, 2008

Out of the Silent Planet: Lewis the Prophet?

Out of the Silent Planet ~ C. S. LewisIf you haven’t read C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, then you’ve truly missed out on some of the best storytelling and fiction that you could read. I was blown away by all three books, especially Perelandra, by their literary style, well-depicted science fiction, wisdom, and theological content. In the first volume, Out of the Silent Planet, Lewis tells the story of three men who travel to the nearby planet called “Malacandra” (a.k.a Mars). Weston and Devine, who have kidnapped a philologist named Ransom, are on a mission exploring the landscape of local terrestial systems in order to determine whether or not mankind could establish life on other planets when Earth and its resources eventually run out.

Weston is the philosophical and scientific source for all the information concerning how Earth is on its last leg, and is bound and determined to conquer Malacandra and other planets in our solar system so that humans may spread throughout the galaxy, thus, preserving our race and dominion.

As far as we know, we are doing what has never been done in the history of man, perhaps, never in the history of the universe. We have learned how to jump off the speck of matter on which our species began; infinity, and therefore perhaps eternity, is being put into the hands of the human race. ~ Weston to Ransom, Out of the Silent Planet, p. 29

There are some incredible dialogues in this book between Weston, Ransom, and the inhabitants of Malacandra that cover, in an indepth fashion, the broad scope of theological, ethical, and political issues that would be wrapped up in such a move. After viewing this video on Yahoo, I couldn’t believe how word-for-word some of the interviewed scientists were in agreement with  Weston and Lewis’ fictional discourses in the book. The only difference between the video and Lewis’ book is that the three men stumble upon an ancient civilization on Mars that is much older than Earth, who are not willing to let mankind usurp them, but instead, function as heralders of final salvation and judgement for Earth, the return of Christ, and his conquering of its “Bent one”. Watch the video below to see how our world is changing, and planning on changing. But most of all, find time to read all three of Lewis’ science fiction works, they are phenomenal.

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  1. I was quite interested in the video – I have been reading the books. But I tried to play it and it said the video clip was unavailable.

  2. I posted it a long time ago so maybe the link has disappeared.

    • Yes, I understand.

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