Posted by: Billy Marsh | April 2, 2008

Quote(s) On Christ And Scripture (II)

Click here to view past quotes on this subject that I have posted. This quote from Baptist Theologian, Richard Fuller, is a powerful one indeed.

Baptism and the Terms of Communion ~ Richard Fuller

God forbid that I should ascribe salvation to any thing except the blood of Christ. On every page of the Bible I behold nothing but the cross, and its amazing retinue of suffering and glory. For me, patriarch and prophet and apostle all utter one voice, all point to Calvary, and cry, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world! As a minister, as a sinner, I have no theme, no hope, but Christ Jesus and him crucified. On him and him alone, on the redundant merit of his atonement, my soul leans with a recumbency, a confidence, a delight unspeakable and full of glory (105).

~ Richard Fuller, Baptism and the Terms of Communion


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