Posted by: Billy Marsh | April 27, 2008

For Your Listening Pleasure . . . (April)

Here are some things that I have listened to recently that are worth taking the time to sit down and press play. Everything I have listed are linked to their original websites; however, I believe also that all of these are accessible for free through iTunes in a podcast format:

  • The Albert Mohler Radio Program – “A Look at The Shack
  • The Gheens Lectures @ SBTS – Graeme Goldsworthy on Biblical Theology (3 Messages) **Note especially his message entitled, “Biblical Theology and Its Pastoral Application.”
  • Just Thinking (Ravi Zacharias ministries) – “Conversational Apologetics” (4 Part Series) w/ Stuart McAllister
  • The Habanero HourSession 3 – Features music from Vigilantes of Love, Bill Mallonee (an interview on CCM), Alli Rogers, Wavorly, and many more.
  • Phil Keaggy PodcastMarch 2008 session – This is a special podcast in honor of Larry Norman’s recent death where Keaggy features the music of several of Christian music’s pioneers such as Norman, Randy Stonehill, Keith Green, Roby Duke, and others. It’s a good taste of some of the music that helped put Christian music on the map.
  • Dr. Mohler @ DTS – “The New Atheism” lectures – These are lectures which Dr. Mohler delivered at Dallas Theological Seminary a little while back. They come in a four part series and are worth every minute. Mohler does a tremendous job of analyzing and responding to the “Four-horsemen of the New Atheism”: Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens. I hope these talks make their way into a book. In addition, you can also watch these lectures in video format.

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