Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 2, 2008

Joy in the Journey’s Greatest “Hits”

Yes, the pun was intended. The month of May marks my first full year of blogging, and despite my many reservations from entering the blogosphere, it has been an exciting and joyous experience. I resisted the temptation to start a blog for the longest time due its reputation at seminary with regard to SBC politics and such. Not that I’m against political blogging, but I just had no desire to spend my free time typing away in that respect. Once I felt certain that I would have no trouble ensuring that my blog would reflect my personality and philosophy of ministry, I was ready to take the plunge.

Me and Kim . . . I needed a haircut in this picture!Last May (’07), I had just finished another semester of school, resigned from a janitorial position at a local church, and had spent about one year not serving in a vocational ministry position. It was the first time since high school that I had actually been nothing more than a member of a church. Needless to say, the Lord taught and ministered to Kim and I in some very powerful and life-changing ways during that season. It was much needed. And, although I’m still not fulfilling a vocational role at our church, God has opened door after door for Kim and I to exercise our church membership in some incredible ways, serving the body however we can.

But, the Lord brought the blog into my life at a time when I was in desperate need of an outlet. It has served as a timely channel for me to work out many ideas that have been stored away in my heat and mind for quite some time. The mood of the blog has tried to line up with the fact that in whatever Kim and I do, one of things that we are passionately committed to is being real and transparent. After going to Bible college and now attending seminary, we’ve both seen the our fair share of facades and plastic people. We try to be real and just simply ourselves with everyone, and that is how I’ve tried to be on my blog too. If you’ve been reading “Joy in the Journey” for awhile, then I hope that if you ever meet me in person, I’d be exactly who you imagined based off of what I have posted this past year (i.e. in character, not looks). If not, then please forgive me for leading you astray.

The two main objectives behind “Joy in the Journey” have been to communicate my passion for the sojourner theme found in Scripture as a sound Gospel-centered worldview that makes sense of the Christian life that requires us to live as citizens of heaven on earth (Heb 11:13-16) and to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Christ (Eph 4:12). The former I’ve sought to accomplish through teaching on Hebrews 11 and other biblical passages that pertain to this concept. In addition, I have tried to share outside sources and authors who have spoken on the sojourner motif throughout Christian history. In so doing, I am hoping to use the blog partially as an excuse to catalogue as much information on this topic as possible with the hope of one day being able to put something out in print on the sojourner approach to the Christian life. The latter goal encompasses most of everything else that I have posted such as movie, music, and book reviews and endorsements, cultural issues and commentary, apologetic posts, missions promotions, and Bible studies. I pray that in some small way, the Lord has used “Joy in the Journey” to increase your walk with the Lord for the better, your love and zeal for the Gospel, and to fix your gaze upon God’s glory in a much deeper and more intimate way.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to re-post some of “Joy in the Journey’s” greatest “hits.” Yes, “hits”; those posts that have been “hit” the most in the past year. Obviously, most of these will be older ones, however, some of the newer ones are picking up steam day by day. I’ll probably give the top 5 posts in a few different categories such as “overall,” “theology,” “Bible study,” apologetics,” “music reviews,” culture,” and so on. Those aren’t set in stone, and there will probalby be some overlap, but I hope that the links will be fun and beneficial to you all. Thanks for stopping by this past year, for supporting me, interacting with me, praying for me, and for sharpening me in the faith. Here’s to another year of blogging; I am excited to see how the Lord will use “Joy in the Journey” for the next 12 months.

Your brother and co-laborer in the Lord for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Billy Marsh



  1. Hey Billy! I loved reading this post. I am so amazed at your commitment and dedication to your blog. You are doing a wonderful job!

  2. Very proud and happy for you son. I look foward to reading it each day. It’s my home page!

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