Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 15, 2008

Joy in the Journey’s Greatest “Hits”: Music

Fernando Ortega

I’m a huge music fan and somehow always have been. I remember at an early age having a keen affinity for music. Even when I was in my pre-teen years, I would breakout Dad’s old vinyl record player and just put on album after album listening to many different styles of music from Jimmy Buffett to Bluegrass. So, it’s no surprise that a major part of my life has to do with playing and listening to music. However, in the past 5 years or more, I’ve come to appreciate on a much deeper level the power of a song, the inspiration of a perfectly-timed chord change or soaring guitar solo, or the profundity of 3 or 4 words set in a timeless lyric. Music “for your listening pleasure” has now become only the tip of the iceberg for me, and it plays a small role in choosing what I buy or download.

As part of my desire “to equip the saints” in both the ministry and their spiritual lives, I try to introduce people to artists, albums, or songs that have made a tremendous difference in my walk with the Lord. Most of these records have had a greater impact on me than some of the “Christian Living” books I’ve read over the years. Thus, there’s just no replacing a good album, and if you have one, then you know what I mean. Here are the ones I’ve reviewed and encouraged others to pick up and give a listen that have garnered the most “hits” on my blog. I’ve provided some songs from these albums in my media player in my sidebar. Enjoy.

  1. The Shadow of Your Wings: Music for Meditation on the Trinity ~ Fernando Ortega
  2. Lincoln Brewster: Jammin’ and Worship
  3. Life is Precious: A Song with New Meaning for Wes King
  4. Waiting for Aidan: A Creative Contribution ~ Steve Bell
  5. Soul Anchor: A Musical Journey through Hebrews ~ Michael Card


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