Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 30, 2008

Joy in the Journey’s Greatest “Hits”: Cultural Commentary

This is the final post for the greatest “hits” series for my blog “Joy in the Journey“. If not for anything else, a blog is a great place to interact with others on cultural issues. Everyone is wanting to debate and discuss what is going on right now in the world. It is a very dramatic setting where people are usually ready and willing to lay it all on the line. I’ve noticed that since starting this blog a year ago that I can rarely expect feedback, comments, or even disaggreements on my posts that deal primarily with a Bible study or some type of devotional whereas when I post something with regard to the current cultural trends, whether in the church or not, I can expect a comment only moments after I click “publish.” This truth is somewhat bittersweet insofar as I am disappointed that people are not as eager to discuss God’s Word, but I am excited to see that the Lord has allowed me to minister to many people for the sake of the gospel in an effective way through these type of posts. In fact, with respect to the D’Souza post, I remember publishing the article and then only seconds later I found an error, so I went back into the edit mode to fix it, but once I saved the updated version, I returned to the homepage to find that I had already received a comment which sparked a very sincere and serious discussion with an atheist.

However, one other real benefit from trying to engage cultural ideas and events is that commenting on these topics forces you to really put your money where your mouth is. You have to take a stand. There is rarely any middle ground on the cultural battlefield. But, when making certain decisions and conclusions about any given subject in this area of study, you learn not to do it whimsically because, as I have found out, you will be called on it fairly quickly, thus, you have to do your homework. I’ve enjoyed writing each of these following posts, and I have learned a lot from each issue. All of them have sharpened me in a number of ways; and what has proven to be even more of a blessing is that by becoming familiar with these and other cultural topics, it has allowed me to have many conversations with others outside of this blog on the very same issues. Whether aiding me in getting a foot in the door to share the gospel or to help safeguard other Christians from being deceived, these posts have been very rewarding.

Thanks for stopping by “Joy in the Journey”. Perhaps if I’m still blogging a year from now, I’ll get to release vol. II of my “Greatest Hits”.

  1. Dr. Mohler on The Shack
  2. Mark Driscoll on the Emergent Village
  3. More Reflections on The Shack
  4. Language Games: Christian or Follower of Jesus? (Part III)
  5. D’Souza Defuses the New Atheism

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