Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 31, 2008

Why We’re Not Emergent on Stand to Reason

If you’re curious about the Emergent church and how you should evaluate it, but don’t have time to read the book, you can download the radio program below where Greg Koukl features the book Why We’re Not Emergent and conducts a lengthy and personal interview with its authors where they speak candidly, fairly, and honestly about the Emergent church with respect to its dangers as well as its helpful insights. I hope, though, that you will find time to read this book since this movement has gained so much popularity, even with the SBC. I’m sure that most of you, if you are in contact with even a limited number of people who are interested in church life, will inevitably has conversations about the Emergent church. I’m reading it this summer with a friend and we’ve already seen that choosing this book has been providential insofar as his boss is leaning towards embracing the Emergent perspective. After listening to Koukl’s interview with DeYoung and Kluck, I felt more assured that these men did not take the task of writing this book lightly. I think that the fruit of their labor will aid many of us in gauging how to approach the Emergent church for ourselves and in giving wise counsel to others.  

Why We\'re Not Emergent ~ Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck


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