Posted by: Billy Marsh | June 2, 2008

A Getaway on the Lake

Here are some pictures from the Bed and Breakfast that Kim and I stayed in this past week for our 3 year anniversary. Kim took Wednesday off (May 28, which is our actual anniversary), so we drove down to Granbury on Tuesday afternoon once she got home from work. Two incentives for going during the week were: (1) the rooms were about 50 bucks cheaper; and (2) besides one other couple, we had the whole place to ourselves.

For any of you couples who have given any thought to staying in a Bed and Breakfast, you must give this one a try. We chose the Inn on Lake Granbury because we both love the water and since Texas is so huge, driving to the beach for an overnight stay was not an option. Still, Kim and I spent a lot of time on the lake growing up in South Carolina. My best friend in high school had a lakehouse on Lake Wateree that his family never really used, and he and I pretty much lived in it on our own the last year or so of high school, especially during the summers. Kim was able to hang out on Lake Murray quite a bit due to some family relationships. When we saw that this B & B was located so close to Granbury Lake, we were immediately drawn to it. Nonetheless, a thunderstorm came through the night we were there and kept us from taking advantage of the lakefront view and the pool amenities. The pictures below look sunny because that’s the way the weather was the following morning . . . when it was time for us leave!

Thus far, we’ve stayed in about 3 different B & Bs and this one was by far the absolute best. It was like staying at a mini resort. It was one of those places that looks just like the pictures. When you visit Granbury and tour their B & B strip, the Inn on Lake Granbury stands heads and shoulders above the rest. We also probably reserved the best room that they had to offer. It was on the second floor and had a balcony. Kim and I love sitting on the porch so of course we loved hangin’ out on the balcony watching the sunset over the water. Needless to say, it brought back a lot of memories for both of us, good memories.

Click here to see our room, The Commanche Peak Room, on their website.


The Comanche Room - Bed

A king-size bed that was hard to leave behind. No, I’m not doing homework. I’m writing a note in the room’s diary-logue.

Kim reclining on the balcony

Kim is relaxing on our balcony which was worth the extra money we spent for this particular room.

Lakefront Property

This is the lakefront view from our balcony. The night before, once the rain ceased, we enjoyed sitting on it listening to the rustling water and the wind in the trees.

The B & B Pool

This is the pool which had a nice waterfall in it along with some incredible landscaping. Unfortunately, we were unable to swim around in it. Maybe next time.



  1. I love the lake view! This place looks beautiful!

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