Posted by: Billy Marsh | June 13, 2008

Atheism Remix: A New Spin on an Old Worldview

If you can remember, a little while back I pointed you all to a set of lectures that could be downloaded in an audio or video format by Dr. Al Mohler on the New Atheism movement delivered at Dallas Theological Seminary. Now, I’m not a prophet or a son of a prophet, but in that post I made the comment that I really hoped that Mohler would convert his lecture series into a book, and now, I believe that wish has come true. I just so happened to search to see if Mohler was coming out with a published form of these speeches anytime soon and found an entire website devoted to promoting its upcoming release.

Atheism Remix ~ Al Mohler

Although nowhere on the website does Mohler come outright and say that his new book is the publicized version of his lectures, the content description and philosophy behind the thesis is exactly parallel to the what he spoke on at DTS. I love the title for the book, which is, Atheism Remix: A Christian Confronts the New Atheists. I won’t steal Mohler’s thunder since the book is supposed to be about 112 pages, but “Atheism Remix” is a perfect title to illustrate just exactly how the “New Atheism” has arisen in our culture in terms of its arguments and even publicity. Mohler demonstrates this in his lectures, and I’m sure also in his book, that the “New Atheism” differs from older versions insofar as atheism has never been praised by the culture as a preferred worldview in the manner it has today. In the past, no one ever thought it was popular to disbelieve in the existence of God. Now, as a broad generalization, theism, but even more so Christianity, in our culture is gradually becoming something that is frowned upon. This, and many other critiques, contribute to Mohler’s assessment of the “New Atheism” with respect to how what we are hearing from the popularized books and speeches from the leading atheists today is much different than what has been encountered in the past, primarily since the Enlightenment.

The book is due out sometime in July. The website gives various details and descriptions about its content as well as a brief audio clip from Mohler telling his motivations behind writing it. There is also a link for pre-order and several other endorsements. Check it out, I’m excited to see a resource on how to respond to this movement in today’s culture from one of evangelicalism’s and Southern Baptist’s most influential and intellectual leaders. I know it will be well worth the money spent.

  • Click here to view the website for Atheism Remix.
  • Visit Al Mohler’s personal website where you can gain access to articles, his blog, and radio program.
  • Visit The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s website where Mohler is the president.



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