Posted by: Billy Marsh | July 4, 2008

Minor Delays

If you’re familiar with my blog, you know that I post fairly often, typically about every other day. However, since Km and I left Fort Worth back on June 20 to visit mine and her parents in the Carolinas, I just haven’t had the time during the day, nor the energy at night, to post as regularly. It has been a great trip so far and we’ve stayed pretty busy. Kim and I have also probably done more traveling on this trip than ever since I made a personal trip to the place where I grew up to see an old friend and my horses, going to Myrtle Beach with Kim’s family, and going tomorrow to visit my sister and her new husband in Tennessee. And then, we still have to drive a good 16 hours on Sunday back to the Lone Star State.

I’ve missed blogging, but taking some time off has allowed me to free up my mind whereas back in Fort Worth before we left I felt like I was hitting the wall with respect to coming up with fresh ideas and thoughts concerning material for blogging as well as in my relationship with the Lord. Yet, I do not believe that I was in any kind of spiritual rut. It just felt good to have a little change of scenery to jog the mind and heart.

Nonetheless, I am excited to get back in the swing of things and I have some posts in mind that I’m looking forward to writing. Don’t give up on me yet. Lord willing I will be back to my normal blogging routine soon. In the meantime, it would be wonderful if you all could continue to lift up in prayer Kim and our little baby in the womb. She is about 11 weeks pregnant and everything is going great thus far. Also, I’m looking for a full-time job that will be able to replace Kim’s salary and benefits as a teacher so that once the child is born (approximate due date is January 16) she can come home from work and not have to go back. Both of us would really appreciate your prayers concerning these matters.

Until later or til He comes!



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