Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 21, 2008

Phil Wickham: Free Download

I don’t own any of his other stuff, but somehow I stumbled upon this free download for Phil Wickham’s latest release. The album is a live worship set called Singalong. The recording quality isn’t the absolute best, but it still sounds great. Apparently, it’s just Wickham with his guitar playing through a long set list of songs representative of his two popular releases as well as some old classics like “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” and “How Great Thou Art.”

I was surprised at how solid he sounded by himself. He has an impressive vocal range. But what I liked the most about this record was that he is often drowned out by the audience, who seem to be involved in a very heartfelt time of worship. If you have a chance to listen to the whole concert at once, you will inevitably find yourself carried away to an intimate time of worship to God no matter what you are doing. There are numerous songs on this set list that I hope to incorporate one day into my worship repertoire, but I doubt I will pull them off as well as he does. Check it out and let me know what you think. Click here to visit the site where you can download the Singalong album for free, and yes, it is legal.

Here is a brief promotional video of Wickham describing how he came about making this live CD:


  1. ahhh! i love phil wickham. he has an amazing voice and sound of music….makes you wonder how on earth ppl can listen to those boring songs that come on “family christian radio”(example: 89.7) Sorry Point of Grace…. hahahah.

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