Posted by: Billy Marsh | September 3, 2008

Seeking God in his Sacred Word

This is my daily prayer, and I hope yours too. And who to say it better than one who demonstrated it so well, John Calvin:

And let us not take it into our heads to seek out God anywhere else than in his Sacred Word, or to think anything about him that is not prompted by his Word, or to speak anything that is not taken from that Word. . . , let it be remembered that men’s minds, when they indulge their curiosity, enter into a labyrinth. And so let them yield themselves to be ruled by the heavenly oracles, even though they may fail to capture the height of the mystery (146-7). ~ John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion: Book I, Ch. XIII.21


  1. Good stuff.

    I just read this five minutes ago!

  2. Indeed, me and my pastor was just talking about it yesterday. It is so important to seek God and know God through His very Own WORD. instead of just looking at people’s point of view about some things and hold them as facts.

    • “None of them will have to teach his fellow countryman to know the LORD, because all will know me, from the least to the greatest” (Jer. 31:34).

      A great promise, for firsthand and personal knowledge of God, fulfilled in the “finished” work for the life-transforming vision of the divine identity and authority of Jesus Christ over death and life in his own death on the cross (John 1: 47-51; 8: 21-28; 14: 15-21; 19: 30-37).

      We are long overdue but not too late to “look at him whom they pierced”!

  3. Tonight at my bible study we talked about praying with confidence and solid faith…and how this faith comes from the hearing and immersion in God’s word…..and through this connection how we can ‘pray God’s word’. I can see that God is showing me how to cling to Him by reading and reading the bible even when I’m having a hard time feeling like i’m truly meeting with Him and that He is always faithful and He will show me this through His word.


      Please ignore the following response if you find it redundant. I think otherwise. Hence my inability to keep quiet.

      “Faith coming from the hearing and immersion in God’s word” appears like a common but flawed variant of Rom. 10:17, “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message comes through preaching Christ”.

      Paul’s making of clear distinction between “the message” and “Christ”, can be traced back to the very first day of Discipleship Training 101 which was concluded by drawing of a basic difference between hearsay evidence (even Jesus’) and fact (“you will see”), i.e., vision of the divine identity and authority of Jesus Christ as source and basis for faith (John 1: 47-51). The promise was maintained throughout the training and fulfilled on the last day (John 19: 30-37).

      Any simplification of this source and basis for faith can prove spurious and short-lived.

  4. A good word from “the sister”. God has definitely revealed himself in the Scriptures, and it is there where by the work of the Spirit, we find him, meet with him, and see him.

    • We had better not confuse Scriptures (the means) for God (the end). There is a basic difference drawn by Jesus Christ Himself (John 5: 39-40).

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