Posted by: Billy Marsh | September 13, 2008

This Is Our God: A Sermon on Isaiah 25

This past weekend I had the opportunity and privilege to preach at my church Redeemer Church here in Fort Worth, Texas. The sermon was taken from Isaiah 25:1-9 and was titled “This is Our God“. I know many of you were praying for me as I prepared and as I preached, but were not able to be there to listen. So I wanted to provide you with the link to the sermon. Around midpoint in the message, I make reference to a similar sermon that my good friend Bret Rogers preached in the summer of 2007 also at Redeemer. His text was Isaiah 2 and the main topic was geared towards understanding Mount Zion in both Isaiah and the NT. I will provide the link to his message as well. Thank you to everyone who knew I was preaching and interceded on my behalf. The Lord has definitely heard and honored your prayers because his Word has most certainly not returned void. It is clear to me now that the Lord spoke to his people last Sunday, and is doing a wonderful work of turning so many hearts to glorify him as the supreme treasure in this life.

  • Click here to download or listen to my sermon from the Redeemer audio website.
  • Click here to access the sermon on Redeemer’s Podcast on iTunes.
  • Click here to listen to Bret’s sermon.
  • Visit Bret’s blog, “Irruption“.
  • Warning: If you listen to the sermon, you will find that I created a new word: “Satisfacted“. The word is best defined as follows: “Having been satisfied by the fact of one’s unbelief; or, to be gratified or fulfilled in one’s affections by pride in oneself or by a lesser understanding and/or recognition of the biblical witness towards the glorious identity of God.”


  1. Billy, for one who was there that Sunday, thank you for opening the Word to me. You did an excellent job.

  2. Thanks Ronjour, it is a real encouragement and blessing to me to hear that the Lord has drawn near to his people through the proclamation of his Word. I appreciate your friendship.

  3. I finally was able to hear your message this evening and it was great. Having listened to your sermons from back when you preached to us or Dawn (Billy’s sister) and all of your friends you have always sought to glorify God. Your readers need to know that when you were very small you were always focused on Christ. It was a wonderful message pointing us to the greatest thing that we can aspire to…realizing that God must be the center of our lives and all that we need to lean on.

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