Posted by: Billy Marsh | September 16, 2008

Best Christian Music Album Covers 2

A few weeks ago I posted some of what I thought could contend for high marks on a “Best of” list for Christian album cover artwork. Here are some others that I believe are worthy to appear on that list for the fact that they are creative and memorable. As always, I’d love to hear more of your suggestions or comments.

Rich Mullins

The late great Rich Mullins left a godly legacy for all other Christian musicians to aspire to in their careers. This album in particular is till considered one of the top CCM records of all time, and for good reason. The cover says so much with regard to the theme of the album and Rich Mullins' personality. The hidden face communicates volumes.

Bebo Norman

If you've ever seen Bebo Norman in concert, then when you look at this cover you can't help but smile. The footing portrayed in this picture is exactly what he is prone to do whether sitting or standing and playing his guitar. This is my favorite Bebo CD and the cover helps usher you into the humble and honest world of Norman's transparent songwriting.

The Choir

The Choir have been around for awhile, but I just started listening to them a couple of years ago. When I first saw this record's artwork, I knew immediately that I had found something distinct and worth purchasing. It reminded me of something Pink Floyd would try, which told me that the music was going to reach beyond the typical. I was not disappointed. And, it's just a cool cover.

David Crowder

This is David Crowder's attempt to make a Sufjan Stevens' album, but still with one foot in the worship scene door. The record is daring, and Crowder succeeded on most points, though I believe he tried too hard on others. Nevertheless, you can't help but stop and give this cover design a second look. If you try to figure out what's going on in the picture, then you'll probably have an equally difficult time figuring out the logic of the music behind the jacket.


I love all of Fernando Ortega's album artwork. They are consistently faithful reflections of both his music and personality. What I've found to be truer of his albums than most any others, is that here you can actually judge a book by its cover. I haven't found yet an Ortega album where you couldn't tell exactly what to expect from the music by looking at the artwork. Not to mention, that this design is as beautiful as it is incredibly striking.


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