Posted by: Billy Marsh | October 8, 2008

Becoming a Family Man

Moved the desk out of the office, took down the college picture frames, painted all the walls yellow, because it goes with everything. Put those guards on all the outlets, found a safer car to drive, did it all for your protection, and your momma’s peace of mind.”

Those are the opening words of a song by Andy Gullahorn called, “How Precious Life Is” from his new album Reinventing the Wheel. Gullahorn is one of my favorite Christian/folk songwriters and guitarists, who is also a close cohort of Andrew Peterson. As we were moving this past week, this song began to resonate to me in some very personal ways. In our old house I had an office that was pretty much left untouched by Kim. I was even in charge of cleaning it (at my own request) so that she would not be blamed for throwing away important documents or putting books up in places where I would never be able to find them again. On the wall hung posters and pictures that weren’t necessarily from college (some of which are still stowed away in my closet), but they were definitely things that were hung for my satisfaction only such as a framed picture from the John Wayne movie The Cowboys, chord charts/scales, and a grandiose poster of Paul Newman and Robert Redford from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Now they’ve been packed up in light of the upcoming birth of the newest member of the Marsh family. It wasn’t hard for me to do at all. I mean how can a poster compete with your child?

There is, however, a definite change in lifestyle occurring for both Kim and I as we prepare for the arrival of our new son. But we welcome it with great joy and openness, and without hesitation. Yes, things are a changin’ round here, but if they weren’t, then something would be wrong, right? If things weren’t becoming different, then either two things are evident. One could be that we are staking out our possible state of immaturity, refusing to be selfless and sacrifical for our child and forcing him to conform to our world rather than us to his. Or second, we were living like two “old” people way ahead of our time, and have wasted our youth and independence on what C. S. Lewis calls the childishness of wanting to be grown up. I don’t believe either of these characteristics are indicative of our situation. Kim and I have had a wonderful few years of married life with just the two of us, but that in no way has caused us to regret our current situation as we receive from the Lord the glorious blessing of our first child. I know how special and wonderful children are to parents, mainly based off of how I have seen my own mom and dad love and cherish me and my sister. If my future relationship with my son, and Lord willin’ more Marsh kids, is anything like the one I have with my parents, then he can’t get here soon enough.

In my sidebar media player, I’ve uploaded two songs dedicated to my buddies who are making that change right now, and the ones who have just had their first child in the past year. There are several of us who are both beginning the Ph. D. program here at SWBTS and are having our first child. I am looking forward to the forthcoming years where we can grow together, and so can our children. One of them is the song I already mentioned above by Gullahorn. The other one is “Family Man” by Andrew Peterson from his Love and Thunder album. Both of these tracks are more like memoirs from two fellas who, although they loved and cherished the “pre-baby” phase of their lives, confess to the unspeakable joy of beginning a family. For me it is all too surreal to believe. I still remember in vivid detail my childhood and feeling like a wild and free country boy growing up in the South, and now I’m about to be a father! However, it’s a great time in life right now, and I can’t wait to pass on the wonderful family and heritage that I have to our son.

  • Purchase Andrew Peterson’s album Love and Thunder.
  • Purchase Andy Gullahorn’s album Reinventing the Wheel.
  • Check out The Rabbit Room where you can interact with both of these guys on other issues than music. This is one of my favorite sites!

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