Posted by: Billy Marsh | October 29, 2008

Christians and Horror Films

I want to direct you to a great post by my good friend Bret Rogers over at the blog he co-authors with his brother Brandon called “Irruption“. Bret tackles a great issue concerning the entertainment of horror films, which is especially relevant in light of Halloween right around the corner. I believe that his post is a great example of how to evaluate the culture in light of a Christian worldview. His conclusions towards the end shed much light on how a believer ought to approach this movie genre. Check it out and let him know what you think!

Here’s a sample:

I must ask, in what way is torture cool or entertaining? How is the theatrical destruction of human beings, who have been created in the image of God, enjoyable to watch? How does the cruel murder of persons on the “big screen” bring a high school boy to say, “that was a cool movie” and “that torture device/game was clever”? On what grounds does a people justify investing $30,500,000 in a weekend to see death and carnage when the same funds might have been used to see thousands of people dying of starvation live in Mexico, Sudan, Chad, and India? How does one, after delighting in such an evil flick, not become numb to the real news reports of others who are being sawed in two for proclaiming the Gospel of peace?

via Humans Need Jesus: Horror or Christ « irruption



  1. Made it to your blog Billy. Enjoyed reading it the past couple of hours.

    Film and television is a topic I bring up often in conversation. It seems to me that horror films are, or should be, an issue with Christians, but as you know their not the only film types that fall into that category.

    I’ve got a couple of questions I use for this topic to provoke some thought and discussion. The answers are to some extent explicit in the questions.

    How is it that Christians so often call entertainment what God calls an abomination or unrighteous? [Am I calling entertainment what God calls evil?]

    Does most of the “eye candy” entertainment offered by hollywood align with Psalm 101:3…”I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes”… Of course we could look at a number of other verses also. [What am I setting before my eyes, or the eyes of my wife and children?]

    God’s word should be the filter for what Christians watch and with intention put [or set] before their eyes. Unfortunately that is all to often not the case.

    I like to watch movies but these two questions put a check on my heart before I select one to watch for myself or my family.

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