Posted by: Billy Marsh | November 9, 2008

Hear What I Hear

I haven’t had as much time lately to listen to online audo messages, lectures, podcasts, etc., but here’s a few that I believe are worth passing on to you for your listening pleasure.

  • Gordon-Conwell Lectureship on Worldview (listen on iTunes) ~ Charles Colson – As the keynote speaker of his own sponsored seminary lectures, Colson demonstrates in about an hour long message why he is such a prominent voice in Christianity. He touches everything from politics, to an assesment of the Emergent church, and the need for Christians to recover a sound understanding of orthodoxy. The lecture is a basic unpacking of his new book called The Faith, which is his cry for contemporary Christianity to know “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3).” I think we all can agree that we are living in one of the most theologically/historically illiterate Christian cultures of all time. It is no wonder that believers are swept away by every wave of doctrine.
  • What Can Christians Learn from the Blues?” (listen on iTunes) ~ Al Mohler Radio Program – On this particular episode, Dr. Russell Moore hosts while Mohler is gone. Moore interviews Stephen Nichols, who in my opinion is a fascinating writer insofar as he has put out works on Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, the Church Fathers, and now, the Blues called, Getting the Blues:What Blues Music Teaches Us about Suffering and Salvation. It’s a great discussion, with some interesting comments from callers.
  • The Bible as Literature: Understanding What the Concept Means” (listen on iTunes~ SEBTS Chapel – Dr. Leland Ryken – Dr. Ryken has famously been one of the major proponents for giving priority in one’s hermeneutic to reading and interpreting the Bible as literature. He is right in his critique that the Bible has been abused in the past by overlooking this issue. He argues that God not only inspired the content, but also the forms of Scripture; therefore, when we approach the Bible to discern its meaning, in order to fully grasp what the author is saying, we must give heed to whether it is poetry, wisdom, narrative, letter, etc.
  • The Bible as Literature: Implications for the Seminary and the Pulpit” (listen on iTunes) ~ SEBTS Chapel – Dr. Leland Ryken – This is the second lecture Dr. Ryken gave at SEBTS on the subject above. I believe these messages will help spark some new ideas in those of you who haven’t really thought about the Bible in this way.
  • Proclaiming the Excellencies of Christ, Not Prosperity, Among the Nations” (listen on iTunes~ John Piper – This is a powerful message on missions from Piper, but it is especially good because he tackles the topic of prosperity preachers, and how their gospel is not the gospel of God in Christ. If you know enough about Piper, you know that he is adamantly against the “prosperity gospel,” so you can expect him to be in full form in this sermon.

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