Posted by: Billy Marsh | November 13, 2008

Francis Schaeffer Conference Audio


I brought to your attention a few weeks ago the Francis Schaeffer conference that Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary was going to host on November 7-8. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go this past weekend, but I have spoken to Dr. Bertch (overseer for The Francis Schaeffer Club @ SWBTS) who is praising it as one of the best conferences that he and his wife have attended in many years. The gathering wasn’t without it own share of obstacles. Apparently, Os Guinness was unable to attend due to medical related issues, and Jerram Barrs was ill during the entire weekend and wasn’t able to due much more than deliver his presentation. But the show must go on! And thankfully it did.

So I want to direct you to the audio for the conference which is available for free online. As usual, I’ll give you the direct link to audio on the SEBTS website and also the link to the SEBTS podcast on iTunes where you can subscribe to their audio and download all of the messages at ease.

Dr. Bertch told me that one of the main topics of discussion was the fact that so many people have already forgotten the significance of Schaeffer’s life and ministry. This to me is unbelievable because the more I read of Schaeffer the more I become aware of how pointedly he is speaking to so many of the major theological and cultural issues and concerns we are dealing with today. According to Dr. Bertch, the presenters at the conference have noticed not only the ignorance of the believing community with respect to Francis Schaeffer, but also that those who read him are failing to pass him on to other generations. I have labored greatly on this blog to pass Schaeffer on to you, and it has been a major blessing to see many of you reading Schaeffer as a result of encountering him here at “Joy in the Journey“. Part of the problem as to why Schaeffer has been somewhat eclipsed in contemporary Christianity is due to what most of us choose to read in our free time, and sadly, Christians have read more fluff and “feel-good” literature, whether fiction or non-fiction, than they have things that are going to challenge them and spur them on in their Christian walks to radical discipleship. And one thing that Schaeffer will certainly do is challenge you!

So I hope that you will listen to these messages and be challenged by Schaeffer’s life and ministry, and pass him on to others so that God may continue to minister in new generations through one of his very precious and humble servants.

  • Download and listen to the Conference audio from SEBTS.
  • Subscribe to the SEBTS podcast where you can download all of the messages through iTunes.


  1. Francis Schaeffer was one of my professors. I greatly admired him at the time — and still do in a way. (Having recently studied in the USA, I now see him more as “characteristically American”). He came before postmodernism, of course, so his books are dated in a sense, although many principles would still spply.

  2. Part of the problem as to why Schaeffer has been somewhat eclipsed in contemporary Christianity is due to what most of us choose to read in our free time

    Agreed. This could be said for a lot of solid thinkers.

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