Posted by: Billy Marsh | December 8, 2008

The Same Word of God to the Godly and Ungodly

The Augustinian monk and German Reformer, Martin Luther, says that Christians must not only be faithful to preach the whole Word of God to other believers, but equally to those outside of the body of Christ. This is a much-needed exhortation, and perhaps a rebuke to some of us, from Luther in the areas of evangelism and missions. Have you ever found yourself ready to jump down Christians’ throats with the Word of God, but when you encounter a lost person, you are fearful of saying anything forceful or potentially convicting? I know I have. We need to be careful that we are preaching the  same Word of God no matter our audience, although different people could require different approaches.

If you have a copy of his TableTalk, you should read this whole selection, which is quite powerful, illuminating Luther’s passion as preacher of God’s Word:

A true Christian must hold for certain that the Word which is delivered and preached to the wicked, the dissemblers, and the ungodly, is as much God’s Word as that which is preached to godly, upright Christians, and that the true Christian church is among sinners, where good and bad are mingled together. And that Word, whether it produce fruit or no, is, nevertheless, God’s strength, which saves all that believe therein (TableTalk, #35 – “Of God’s Word,” 106).


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