Posted by: Billy Marsh | February 7, 2009

John Piper’s New Writing Projects

One of the things that I love so much about John Piper is his transparency. Here is an example of his forwardness without coming across as boastful. Piper updates us as to 7 potential writing projects, some short ones, long ones, and one multi-volume collection of his sermons on Romans. I’m very excited especially about the first two his mentions: Sightings of the Sovereignty of God and Reasoning with Jesus: Thinking for the Glory of Christ. Although Piper is universally identified with Calvinism and as an outspoken proponent of the supreme and total sovereignty of God, he hasn’t really devoted a full book towards giving an exposition of his position, notwithstanding the smaller explanations of it in his various works, particularly in The Pleasures of God and his commentary on Romans 9:1-23, The Justification of God (which is really more of an academic work, and not easily accessible).  Hence, I’m looking forward to the time when Piper lays it all out to bear on this controversial, yet most important doctrine.

In regards to the second book, Reasoning with Christ, I also am glad to see Piper placing his published stamp of approval on the role of the intellect in the Christian faith because ever since I first discovered both his preaching and his writings, I have always viewed him as a model of someone who successfully integrated critical thinking with pastoral care and daily Christian living. I am anxious to add this proposed book to my shelf next to John Stott’s Your Mind Matters, my small James Sire collection, and of course, all things Francis Schaeffer.

Check out Piper’s blog to read more about these and the rest of his desired writing goals.

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