Posted by: Billy Marsh | February 22, 2009

The King is Crowned Once More

The Return of the KingOver the past few weeks, Yahoo! set up a bracketed contest in order to poll users to see what they thought should be crowned as the greatest movie of all time. The only criteria a movie had to meet to be a contender was that it was an Oscar winner. Yahoo! ran this contest as a lead-in to this year’s Academy Awards set for February  22. I kept up with the runnings off-and-on, and voted randomly, but as I began to see “The Return of the King” making its way to the top, I was anxious to see how it would do, especially since it was the first fantasy movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

The final round of voting pitted Peter Jackson’s “The Return of the King ” against Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather”. When I cast my digital ballot, ROTK only had a 2% lead, but I was surprised to see it beating “The Godfather” regardless. When the dust and smoke cleared, ROTK came out victorious. This right here tells you just how awesome this movie franchise is: It beat “The Godfather”! That’s not an easy task. Other movies that fell beneath the feet of Aragorn, Frodo, and Gandalf were “The Godfather II”, “Forrest Gump”, and yes, “Gladiator”.

I found it encouraging that ROTK ousted “The Godfather” in this particular poll for “Ultimate Best Picture” for a few reasons. One was what I mentioned above about the unlikelihood of a fantasy film dominating so many other well-deserving classics. Another one would be that a movie such as ROTK won where the heroes “the least of these” are the ones who are admired as opposed to “The Godfather’s” storyline where family corruption and a depraved morality are center-stage. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of “The Godfather Trilogy”, and they have earned their places in movie legend. But, it was nice to see a movie such as ROTK be voted by the Yahoo! users as number one.

Click here to view Yahoo!’s post announcing ROTK as the champion.

Everyone loves polls and lists. So I’m going to test out one of the new “free” features of being a blogger on WordPress and create a poll of my own. I want to see who the voters here at “Joy in the Journey” would have chosen as “Ultimate Move of All Time”. The list is abbreviated, and I’ve tried to put titles on here that lost to either ROTK or “The Godfather” in the final rounds of Yahoo!’s playoffs.



  1. Billy,

    You forgot to list Napoleon Dynamite.

  2. I think the Dark Knight could almost be on that list too. I saw on tv yesterday where it joined the billion in gross club and was in third place behind #1 Titanic and #2 guess who….The Return of the King! If I saw it right I think that Pirates of the Carribean “Dead Mans Chest” was #4.

  3. Ched,

    You’re absolutely right. If I put Napoleon on there, I’d have to add Nacho Libre too.


    Yeah, Dark Knight was pretty incredible and it has made a killing.

  4. I actually thought Fellowship of the Ring to be the best of the LOTR Trilogy.

  5. Bryan,

    Yeah, I know a lot of people who thought that the Fellowship was the best out of the three. I agree, it is a great movie. All in all, it’s hard for me to divide them up, just as it was for Tolkien. It truly is a trilogy where you can’t one without the other. And that’s because it’s not three separate stories. It’s one story and was meant to be one book.

    The Two Towers gets a bad wrap sometimes, but thats just because it’s the middle of the story, and not the beginning or the end. I like to think of all three of them as one, and ultimately, all of the awards that ROTK won was really on behalf of the other three since neither the Fellowship nor the Two Towers won Best Picture and Peter Jackson didn’t win Best Director for them. I see ROTK’s 11 Academy Awards as representative of how everyone felt about the movie franchise in general. It felt like the reason why the Fellowship and the Two Towers didn’t win the same amount of awards as ROTK was because everyone in the academy was waiting for ROTK to come out so that they could celebrate the entire trilogy and give it the due credit it deserved and earned at its journey’s end.

  6. Hmmm, I hadn’t looked at it that way but it makes perfect sense.

  7. Man, you know, I just hate being right all the time! Not! I voted for Gone With the Wind on your poll. In yesterday’s USA Today, which technically probably makes it really Wednesday’s news?…nevermind….anyway, there is a new book review on GWW on a book called Frankly My Dear. The article referrring to the movie states” The grandest of all Hollywood extraveganzas provided the template for the hype-heavy, budget-busting blockbuster and remains the most popular movie of all time, with an inflation adjusted box office of $1.5 billion. There were 5 directors and 15 used in making the movie.

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