Posted by: Billy Marsh | March 13, 2009

Christianity: The Easiest Religion in the World

I found this to be a good summary from Francis Schaeffer:

We must realize that Christianity is the easiest religion in the world, because it is the only religion in which God the Father and Christ and the Holy Spirit do everything. God is the Creator; we have nothing to do with our existence or the existence of other things. We can shape other things, but we cannot change the fact of existence. We do nothing for our salvation because Christ did it all. We do not have to do anything. In every other religion we have to do something–everything from burning a joss stick to sacrificing our firstborn child to dropping a coin in the collection plate–the whole spectrum. But with Christianity we do not do anything; God has done it all. He has created us and he has sent his Son; his Son died and because the Son is infinite, therefore he bears our total guilt. We do not need to bear our guilt, nor do we even have to merit the merit of Christ. He does it all. So in one way it is the easiest religion in the world (202-203).

–taken from “Appendix A” in The God Who Is There


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