Posted by: Billy Marsh | April 7, 2009

To Sing of the Resurrection

As always I’m trying to put good quality, meaningful Christian music into your hands, and this year Easter is no exception. Unlike Christmas, Easter doesn’t have its very own music category at Best Buy. The closest it gets to having its own personal music catalogue is in the Christian bookstores where the Easter cantata songbooks and accompanying CDs are on display during this season. Honestly, music that centers thematically on the resurrection is much rarer than songs about Jesus’ birth and death. I find this interesting since Paul felt so strongly about it that he said that “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain (1 Cor 15:14).”

Besides the familiar hymns, I wanted to direct you to some contemporary Christian music that has tried to capture the wonder and glory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Two of these are full albums that are wholly centered on the doctrine of the resurrection, and the rest are just individual songs.  The two records that I commend to you are concept albums. They not only recount Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb, but they also delve deeper into the implications of the resurrection in areas such as the resurrection of the dead, resurrection bodies, the Judgment, the Second Coming, and Heaven. In addition, they are wise in both asking and trying to answer the question that must be posed in light of the reality of the resurrection: How then do we live in this life? The other individual songs I have listed each speak to the resurrection in their own creative and original way. All in all, the subject of the resurrection in Scripture provides some of the richest imagery and metaphors which make songwriting on this doctrine a field day for insightful lyricists. I hope you will give these two records a chance and will give some of these songs a listen in my media player in the sidebar. Always try and make the most of your music during these times of year. It may require some hard work on your part to track it down, but it’s worth it.


Resurrection Letters: Volume II ~ Andrew Peterson  Resurrection Letters, Vol. II ~ Andrew Peterson

The Medicine The Medicine ~ John Mark McMillan *Check out especially the song “Death in his Grave“. – McMillan is an underground, independent Christian artist that most of you have probably and unfortunately never heard of. He has more of a rock sound than folk. He has crafted his own style of songwriting and his music is both raw with honesty and immersed in substantial theology. Here’s a link to his blog where he gives the lyrics for this whole album. Also, here’s a link to his website to find out more about him. I may profile this entire record soon. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites albums of all time. It’s that good.


  1. High Noon” from Love and Thunder by Andrew Peterson
  2. Love Crucified Arose” from Scribbling in the Sand: The Best of Michael Card Live by Michael Card
  3. Lazarus” from Common Creed by Wes King
  4. O Come and Mourn” performed by Sandra McCracken from For All the Saints: Indelible Grace III by Various Artists (I know this song is more about the crucifixion, but I wanted to put it on here anyway. Jars of Clay also does their own version of it on their album, Redemption Songs)

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